Please understand that our products are handcrafted and natural flowers. Hence, the actual product may vary from the product picture due to product enhancement, nature of flowers (e.g: bloom size, color, shape), and stock availability. If certain products not available, we will substitute them with flowers of equivalent value and quality.

Black & Red Rose Grand Opening Stand


Black & Red Rose Grand Opening Stand


- Black & Red Rose Grand Opening Stand

The black and red rose basket is like a magnificent work of art. The black roses portray depth and mystery, while the red roses ignite passion and vitality. Together, they complement each other, symbolizing the stability and prosperity of your business.

May your new store be as exquisite and unique as this flower basket, radiating a dazzling brilliance that attracts numerous customers. May it pave the way for your splendid success !

Wishing you flourishing business and abundant wealth !

- The photo is provided for reference, and the actual item prevails.
- Prices may vary with the seasons and market fluctuations. As all products are handmade, the use of fresh flowers involves natural elements. Therefore, the actual product may not be identical to the picture due to product improvements, variations in flower characteristics (such as size, color, shape), and inventory factors. In case of flower shortages, we will use equivalent materials as substitutes.

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